Transcending Time With Classic Car Restoration

Each classic air-cooled 911 undergoes a meticulous restoration process, as our devoted designers and engineers work tirelessly to rejuvenate these timeless beauties. Striking the perfect harmony between vintage charm and modern sophistication, our team masterfully revives the beloved contours and iconic features that have captivated Porsche enthusiasts for generations.


Observe the delicate craftsmanship, the intricate attention to detail, and the subtle refinements that elevate each restored classic nine-eleven to new heights of automotive excellence.


A Rensla-restored Classic is more than just a vehicle – it’s a testament to your deepest desires, and a gateway to an elite realm where artistry and precision engineering coalesce to forge something truly remarkable.


Rensla is where the legacy unites with the present to create extraordinary experiences.

A visionary approach. A new standard of bespoke.

To create a Rensla masterpiece, we first strip away the old and make way for the new. Each car undergoes a complete disassembly, leaving nothing but a bare shell waiting to be reborn.


This shell then becomes the canvas for our artists, as they skillfully mold a sleek, lightweight carbon fiber body that embraces the car like a second skin. In fact this body is based on our Classic carbon fiber body with which we have already a lot of experience transferring it now to the 964 NG.


For our 964 NG, we extend our carbon rear quarter panels up to the B-pillar, ensuring that same seamless effect that sets Rensla apart from all others and to prevent visible seams after some years.

Rensla is where form meets function, and the future becomes now.


Illuminating the night, Rensla’s custom lighting is a work of art all on its own. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring the highest quality standards are met — and surpassed.


Our front headlights are completely bespoke, incorporating the latest Bi-LED technology and complemented by contemporary round LED daytime light signatures. 


The housing and bezel are CNC machined from solid blocks of aluminum, while the lenses are carved from solid acrylic, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.


The front indicators seamlessly incorporate the fog light into the main unit, achieving a clean, polished look.

With using our own lights we also ensure perfect gaps and a stunning, timeless design. These captivating lights are a testament to Rensla’s relentless pursuit of innovation.

Ready to conquer the open road.​

At the core of every Rensla lies a drivetrain that pulsates with power, precision, and unmatched performance. With each car, our engineers breathe new life into the gearbox and engine, ensuring a driving experience to rival any on earth.


Our base option already exceeds expectations, delivering a fully revised engine and gearbox with an impressive 330 horsepower. And for those with a hunger for even more power, we offer a 3.8L naturally aspirated engine, pushing the limits with an astonishing 400 horsepower or a 4.X on request.


This heart-pounding option transforms the Rensla into a track-devouring monster, eager to showcase its prowess and assert its dominance.


But why stop there? Your dreams know no limits, and neither do we. Rensla’s bespoke service caters to your every whim, offering further drivetrain options upon request. Whatever your heart desires, our team of expert engineers will strive to bring it to life.


Rensla is more than just outside aesthetics. Beside the sensual curves and seductive lines you find a modern and curated interior like no other. All interior parts have been touched and redesigned while still preserving its identity.


With the core materials of finest leather, carbon fibre made to the highest standards and cnc machined aluminum highlights there are endless possibilities of bespoke interior to be discovered.


The moment you turn the key, you can feel the thrilling anticipation of untamed adrenaline coursing through your veins.


As you grip the wheel, the luxurious leather embracing your hands like a glove, you can’t help but smile. For in that instant, you realize that you’re not just driving a car; you’re commanding a piece of automotive history, reborn and refined to satisfy your wildest fantasies.

endless options

Rensla is a realm where limitations are cast aside and endless possibilities abound. Our commitment to crafting the ultimate bespoke automotive experience is built upon a foundation of limitless configurations.


Each custom component is meticulously crafted to the highest standards, ensuring that your Rensla is truly one-of-a-kind. From intricate design elements to awe-inspiring performance upgrades, the choices are as boundless as your imagination.


Our passionate team of skilled artisans and engineers work tirelessly to make your automotive dreams a reality, executing artistry with precision, culminating in the birth of your very own Rensla masterpiece. Dare to dream, and let Rensla bring your visions to life in a symphony of unparalleled craftsmanship and bespoke luxury.

technical specifications

  • offering Fuchs Style 17 inch aluminium wheels as standard
  • restored axle parts to a new condition including new bushings etc.
  • Ohlins Road and Track Suspension standard with other options for more track focus available
  • 3.6L natural aspirated Engine completely revised with 330  as standard 
  • Top of the end option is a 3.8L or 4.X Engine with much more hardware modifications reaching 390 horsepower and higher
  • Modern ECU as standard also allowing a cleaner look in the engine bay
  • original big Turbo brakes restored to a better than new condition with upgraded floating mounted discs for better thermal conditions and weight optimization are standard
  • optionally a carbon ceramic brake disc
  • ABS system overhauled
  • modern state of the art ABS available as an option including optional ESP
  • on customer request we offer full new e-coating of the chassis after chemical paint strip
  • seam welding is available as an option for better rigidity 
  • rear cage is available as an option
  • highest grade of carbon fiber body kit is standard including rear quarter panels, front fenders, roof, front hood, rear decklid and front and rear bumper as well as all undercarriage covers and sills
  • carbon doors are available as an option
  • extractable carbon mini ducktail spoiler with aluminum grill
  • in-house designed and produced headlights including a Hella Bi-Led main unit and a daytime signature as a LED ring 
  • in-house designed and produced front aluminium indicators with implementation of fog light guaranteeing perfect gaps and fit
  • in-house designed and produced rear indicators guaranteeing perfect gaps and fit
  • we offer as a standard a fully electric air conditioning for a better AC and better weight as well as weight distribution
  • we offer as a standard an electric steering pump for better weight as well as weight distribution
  • a new modern AC panel comes as standard as well
  • painted or leather upholstered carbon floor is standard
  • our in-house designed bespoke interior highlights such as a custom center console, carbon dashboard with integrated open glove box, carbon steering wheel and many more details are standard
  • in-house designed carbon lightweight seats are standard
  • wiring harness is redone optimized for lightweight
  • high performance audio system is standard
  • OEM PCCM Radio is standard offering CarPlay, Bluetooth and many more features
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